January 2019
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Napping on the couch with his favorite blanket

Here I am safe

2008 Collage

This was a ‘photo theme’ for the end of the year on one of the photography forums I’m on. It was a fun little half-hour project.

 2008 Collage

Louie vs the Sock

Louie vs the Sock

Meowry Christmas

and a happy new… what’s that? Ooh shiny

Another Louie “Portrait”

Louie “Portrait”

Visions of Sugar Plums… er, Catnip, Danced in his Head

Visions of Catnip Danced in his Head

November in Review

Here are my favorites from this past month.

Familiar image, no?

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He is smooth with the ladies…

Oh, yes, yes, he is…

So smooth

Zoe and Louie

Zoe and Louie

Squeaky, Edited

There were a few things on the overprocessed squeaky image I didn’t like, so I fixed them:

Squeaky, Overprocessed (again)

Overprocessed Monday (10/20)

It’s been a while since I went crazy with Photoshop and posted the results. Tonight’s victims subjects are Squeaky and Val.

Squeaky, Overprocessed

Val, Overprocessed

Val on the pillow

Fits nicely.

Val. Round.

August in Review

This month has been a rough month for really good (imo) pictures. I have a lot of fun pictures, decent pictures, but a lot of these have a flaw or two that makes me not want to just jump for joy. In any event, these are the ones I like best out of the last 31 days.

Holding Mommy’s Hand Run, child… run

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Nose kiss

Poor Squeak. She’ll live.

Nose kissin’

When John said ‘Zoe and Emma should hang out…’

I’m not sure this is what he meant:

Hangin’ Out

Squeaky and the Frog

Squeaky and the Frog


White Ninja Cats never caught on…


Close up and the original

Sometimes you get a great expression or something but the framing, right out of the camera, isn’t quite as good as you’d like. So you edit… (original included with my intended caption).

Close Up, Purple, ‘Glam Edit’

Don’t tell me… there’s a blurry cat right off my left shoulder, right?

Another of Val

Val Sleepin

Zoe and the Squeak

Zoe and the Squeak