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Three ways to tell you visit the same coffee shop too often?

1) All the employees know you by name; you know all of them by name

2) The new guy, whom you’ve never met, knows you when you walk in and knows how you like your coffee made

3) The employees of said establishment have a betting pool as to what hour you’re coming in



Might as well do black and white, too:

Zoe, BandW

And there’s a link to the Larger color version.

Zoe’s Trains

We found out today that the 40%-off coupons at Michael’s and a very large Thomas and Friends supply at that particular craft store make for a good combination.

Zoe’s Trains

HDR Attempts

I’ve started experimenting with adding textures to HDR and here’s my first serviceable result, though I’m not 100% pleased. The goal here was to get a picture with a good tone mapping to it during the editing process and then overlay a texture that blends in with the image. Sort-of like giving it a ‘paper’ feel. This is really my first attempt that hasn’t resulted in complete disaster…

Zoe HDR Textured

And when the frustration of that picture not turning out quite right hits, I went to the old ‘HDR of the Sky’ standby to make myself feel better. In this case, it’s a picture from our back yard of Leander High School Stadium.

Leander High School Stadium


A halfway decent shot I got of the moon.

Moon, Clouds, Houses


I don’t generally get to see the sunrise as I’m not really a morning person. Today I caught the sunrise with the houses across the street in silhouette as I was going out to the truck — wow. I should get up early more often.




More Zoe pictures soon. Playing with rock pictures with a bit of HDR editing thrown in first…

Rocks - beforeRocks - after

Pseudo-HDR, Christmas Tree

Going through old pictures and trying some of the HDR and Pseudo-HDR tricks on them, I came across this pic of our Christmas tree that worked fairly well (before/after):

Tree - BeforeTree -After

More HDR Pictures of the Sky

So at the urging of John, I’ve been trying my hand at some HDR photography (and editing). Thrill a minute, no? The back side of our house and the sunset.

House, from the back yard


I’m doing these straight from RAW so they’re not using bracketing yet as I don’t have anything resembling a tripod. It is fun except the investment per photo seems rather high, timewise.



Sunset taken while Zoe was playing in the back yard.

Good Morning, Frank

Frank and morning light are a match for one another.

Frank in the Morning Light

Frank in the AM

Miscellaneous Pictures

Just some random pictures as I figure out more and more stuff about this new fangled camera thing.

The first is a view from the thumb.

Enter at your own peril

Enter at your own peril



And the second was trying to get a picture with a reflection of the ceiling fan stopped. Never did work.

Ceiling fan reflection

Ceiling Fan Reflection

Math is hard…

Found this one on my phone. This was at Fry’s in October. Apparently math back then was hard.

Fry’s Math: Fail

New Camera

Our old camera is dead. Long live the new camera.

So we’re getting used to it by taking pictures of everything. Here’s a few pictures (click for larger images, as always):

Zoe in Black and White

Zoe concentrating on her blocks

Closeup #1

Closeup #2

Dirty hand and a tear

Pear and Bleu Cheese Salad with Yuzu Vinaigrette, Toasted Almonds and Blueberries Bloomed in Reisling Syrup




Sky from our back porch

Zoe’s blocks

Some of the many frogs on our mantle

Upgrade to 2.1

I’ve completed the upgrade to WordPress 2.1. If thar be anything funkah, let me know!

Miscellaneous 02-17-2006

Okay, so this is a non-Zoe post, but I really have to start doing SOME blogging that’s not pictures of my darling daughter. So… here’s some stuff…

Cheney’s Got a Gun
Heard any good Dick Cheney jokes? Here’s a ’stay-at-home dad’ take on the issue…

George Clooney on who he’s taking as an Oscar date: “Actually, I’m bringing Dick Cheney as my date. He called me and asked me to go quail hunting, and I said, ‘Well, why don’t you just come to the Oscars with me instead?’” (source)

Mrs. Federline
It appears as though Britney Spears is ready to return to music. The overwhelming response thus far has been, ‘No, really, that’s OK!’

From the Kids’ Pants Half Off Sale Department
The difference between a grocery bag and Michael Jackson?

One’s made out of plastic and dangerous to children, the other’s for groceries.

Okay, so it’s not all that funny… or interesting… but next time, maybe we’ll have some Juicy Jessica Simpson news!