December 2008
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Zip It

Zip It

At the Ready

At the Ready

An important question, in a 3-year-old context

Zoe was in the bath and, apropos of nothing, looks at me, very concerned. “Daddy, am I getting old?”

“You’re still very young, sweetie.”

“Am I getting older?”

“Every day. Everyone is.”

“Am I going to die?”

Now let me pause briefly to say that this single question will actually bring a moment of horror to a parent’s thoughts. I don’t want to think about that day for me let alone for her.

The best response I could come up with was, “Everyone does, Zoe. But it’s a very, very long time away.”

She seemed to pay as little attention to the answer as she does most of my answers. She got a smile on her face and said, “Can I color now?”

So I handed her the new bathtub crayons.

“Thanks, Daddy,” she said.

I Shall Take the Leaf of Kings to Gondor

I shall take the Leaf of Kings to Gondor… which is that way, as conveniently pointed out by my hair

Concerned about the banking industry

Well, at least Zoe was. About how to get all of that change in her little kitty bank.

Concerned about the banking industry

Sunset 12/27/2008

Sunset 2008/12/27

The stuffed animal crew, relaxin’

The ‘crew’ checking out Zoe’s new bed…

That’s Elmo (mostly pictured), Spider, Kipper, Felix (hiding), Softbear, and the legs of Flying Frog. Also in frame, half blanket, half stuffed animal… it’s “Totally Flat Frog”

New Bracelet

New Bracelet

When teaching goes awry

As Zoe loves to help us cook, we have taught her certain lessons and enforced certain behaviors in the kitchen in some attempt to keep all of her digits attached until somewhere close to adulthood. We have instilled in her the caution around ovens, near burners, and, especially, around knives.

This is, of course, all well and good until I break out the pocket knife at the pizza parlor to cut up her piece of pizza (the plastic knives never cut it… literally… and figuratively), at which point she jumps up on to the bench, on her feet and proclaims, quite loudly, “DON’T CUT ME, DADDY!”

Louie vs the Sock

Louie vs the Sock



Christmas Day Present Carnage

I fought white balance issues a lot when processing these photos and I’m not sure why. Anyway, here they are…

Opening Presents…

Opening Presents… #2

Opening Presents… #3

Opening Presents… #4

Opening Presents… #5

Opening Presents… #6

Opening Presents… #7

Opening Presents… #8

Opening Presents… #9

Opening Presents… #10

Opening Presents… #11

Opening Presents… #12

Ready to Cook!

Playing in her new kitchen


Mom and Dad Visit

My mother and father were in town for Christmas. As always, they vehemently objected to having their photos taken. To that, I sayeth, “too bad-eth.”


Dad (again)

Mom and the Christmas Tree

Zoe’s Bed (MP3 Player Interface)

Zoe’s Bed, MP3 Interface

Christmas Eve at Rick and Sherry’s

Our Hostess

Somehow, I think I’ve seen an image very similar to this one before…

These Chafe


More foooooooood!



Waaaaafle thingies!


Too tired to post much…

… but one image from Christmas day can’t hurt too much, can it?

Is there more?

Merry Christmas!

To all (however few) readers I do have here…

Tree (with gifts, HDR)


(For those tech minded about the photo, it was shot with the XTI 18-55 kit lens at ISO100 F11, and 5 exposure — which is not easy to do when a camera only brackets 3!!!!)


One to hold us over until I can get some Christmas pictures…

On the couch

A couple more

Look up, tree, coat, presents… blah, blah, blah

Laughing over the new bed


More of Little Z and the New Bed

This falls into the ’slightly overprocessed’ category…

Taking Stock of the New Bed