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Chicken Redux

I’ve had a couple requests for the stuffed chicken recipe (just the chicken, the mushrooms might follow later). Here it is, step by step.

1 whole breast of boneless, skinless chicken
4 pieces of prosciutto, sliced thin
hand ful of basil (8-12 leaves)
4 cloves of garlic, minced
Smoked Mozzarella cheese (enough for 1/8th inch slices to cover one piece of chicken.
Salt and pepper
1 TBSP Kalamata Olive Oil
Butcher’s twine
Somewhere to rest the chicken (I use 4 chopsticks, a small plate and a foil tent)

Preheat the oven to 350-375 degrees.

Pat the chicken dry with paper towels and let it sit out for about 20 minutes to bring it up to room temperature. Put the chicken in a plastic bag and smash the hell out of it until it is of somewhat uniform thickness. Put the ugly side up and season with salt.

Ugly Side up, Smashed Flat

Here’s a shot of the mis en place for the rest of the prep:

Mis en Place

Next, layer the prosciutto over the chicken breasts:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chicken

Distribute garlic over one side of the prosciutto:

Vampires beware

Then, lay in the cheese:

Say Cheese!

And then, the basil:

Mmm. Fresh basil.

Fold the less decorated breast over on top of the more decorated breast and season:

Chicken Sandwich

Next, tie the chicken like you would a roast, and, if necessary, tuck the various bits in:

Yes, I suck at tying roasts too, not just chicken

Heat a saute pan to medium high heat. Add the olive oil until it just comes to a smoke. Enter, the chicken, and sear for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Season side #2 while it’s aiming up into the free air:

Searing side 1

Turn, then sear second side:

Searing Side 2

After it’s seared, turn it again and place the whole pan into the oven (if you have nonstick, or one with plastic handles, you can place it on a baking dish of some form). Then prepare the chicken’s resting place (see aforementioned chop sticks, plate and tent):

Final (makeshift) Resting Place

It should cook in the oven for 12-15 minutes, then turn it. Then another 10-15 minutes or until it reaches an internal temperature reaches 165 (or if you want to be a stickler, 175, and if you are paranoid and want crappy chicken, take it to 180). resting will bring the temp up another 5-10 degrees. Make sure you temp the stuffing as well. When it’s up to temp, remove it and let it rest, tented, for 5-7 minutes:

After this, throw the tent on it

Cut the butcher’s twine off, slice semi-thin (3/8 – 1/2 inch) and serve however (this particular night, it was Heather’s leftover soup, which had become about the thickness of a good sauce, along with pasta and some veggies):


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