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Food Network… What the…???

I’ll never understand the people who schedule television programs. The whipping boy Fox has them all beat of course (your show’s on Thursday, no at 7, now at 8, now on Tuesday, not for 6 weeks, reruns for 2 weeks on Monday, brand new episodes back to back in yet a different timeslot)… now the food network seems to have messed up its schedule a bit.

Yes, I watch the food network. A lot. And now they’re ticking me off.

It was nice that Emeril Live was often on twice, once at 7 and again at 11 or occassionally different shows — but there’s so many I haven’t seen it doesn’t matter. Our daughter tends to nod off between 10 and 10:30 which meant that in the hour of ‘will she stay asleep or not’ I could manage to sneak in an hour of decent food programming at 11. Now what’s the evening fare? Two episodes of Unwrapped followed by The Secret Life Of… (yawn). Okay, so, I pretty much dig everything on that channel except any show where Rachael Ray isn’t cooking (I do like 30 Minute Meals on occassion, but watching someone spend $40… yay?), but wow… they’ve taken the ‘cooking’ shows almost clean out of the nighttime lineup. And… and… Tomorrow, Emeril Live isn’t even on at all! (Wouldn’t it be great if I had something real to complain about? Hah!)

Dear Food Network: Yes, the people who don’t get home until 8 or 9 do like to cook too. Recipes and techniques are good for those people as well as the daytime folk.

There are a number of episodes now of Good Eats which is an excellent show (in my not so humble opinion). But they put that back to back with… yes… Rachael Ray on a somewhat limited budget. I suppose the networks put Jeopardy back to back with Wheel of Fortune and it worked — obviously this is the radically disparate demographics they’re going for.

And Iron Chef! (Japanese Version) It’s been relegated to the 3am time slot! What the …?

Okay, I understand they need to make way for their new programs, but I really don’t understand their angle at all. Of course they’re looking at market data and viewership and whatnot… What I know now is that I must record the shows I want to watch — all of them, because virtually none of them are on when I can see them. Yes, I know, digital recorders (I have one on my computer), DVD burners (yes, that too), but…ugh, what a hassle.

Okay, so it’s a lame rant, but I just hate it when my viewing schedule gets messed with. I liked learning stuff about cooking every evening… but now I get the history of the gumdrop and how to always check out of the university districts for cheap deals when travelling. I just can’t figure out what they’re going for. Next thing you know they’ll give Sandra Lee her own prime time show… ack!


I have enjoyed The Next Food Network Star though… Go Guy!

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