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Wait, where are my updates? Photos?

Here’s a link to my photostream on flickr:

For the foreseeable future, I will be posting River and Zoe pictures there as well as on Facebook. Posting 3 places just starts to seem a bit ridiculous. I’ll return to blogging when I have more time.

4 comments to Wait, where are my updates? Photos?

  • I admit I haven’t been here in a while, so I hope I’ve seen most of the pictures on FB. But this is a great website, so don’t neglect it entirely. I’ll bet you designed it all yourself, which rather makes me jealous after the struggle I’ve been going through.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to import products from china to philippines.

  • Michael! You’re going Buddhist and you don’t know it! Just kidding of cosure. Breakaway Cook Eric Gower often speaks of mindfulness in our daily deeds, and I believe that his kitchen context is very similar to what you’re calling awareness, and you’re both right: Awareness of one’s immediate environs coupled with attentiveness to one’s immediate task will improve the quality of any endeavor. Although I live and cook alone and don’t need to worry about bumping into or synchronizing with other people, I find that I have fewer accidents when I’m focussed in the moment and on what I’m doing. Just as importantly, knife skills, estimation of approximate amounts ( a pinch, to taste, etc.) and presentation all improve. It’s so easy to be in a state of perpetual distraction. Awareness takes some conscious effort, but it’s not that big of a deal and becomes more habitual the more one practices it. What a wonderful rant-video this was!

  • Thank you for this. I have been trying for years to exlpain this exact sentiment to my boyfriend when we are cooking together in the kitchen. He always looks at me like I am crazy. I will have him watch this and hopes he gets it.When I worked in a restaurant most people got it, but there was always that one person you found yourself continuously running into. With that person you felt you always had to shout out directions to avoid catastrophe. Sharp object on your left Hot pan behind you I find myself doing this in my own kitchen with my boyfriend and it drives me crazy! Let’s hope this helps.

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